Gravy for fussy dogs proving popular as budget pet food

Source: Seven Sharp

It's expensive enough feeding our families at the moment, let alone our pets. So how can we feed our fussy dogs a healthy, nutritious diet when the price of pet food is so high right now?

One man took the matter into his own hands so he could afford to feed his discerning dogs.

Anthony Gardiner created the Fussy Dog Company after he struggled to afford to feed his dogs when he lost his job due to the pandemic.

After some testing, he created a gravy powder for dogs to help fussy pooches gobble up their biscuits.

It proved popular, with his product now in 180 shops around the country and with 10,000 customers in just 18 months.

Watch the Seven Sharp video above to discover the Fussy Dog story and get some tips on how to feed your dogs on a budget.