Four shootings across Auckland on Friday, three within two hours

Source: 1News

Police were called to four different shootings across Auckland on Friday, of which, three were within the space of two hours.

A window shattered, Hall Ave, Favona. Police reports of a firearms fired at a property.

Officers attended scenes in Māngere, Massey, Favona and Ōtara after receiving reports that firearms had been discharged.

At 6pm police received reports that a firearm was discharged in Doone Place, and that a group of people left the scene in a vehicle shortly afterwards.

An hour later at 7pm, police were called after shots were fired in the direction of a residential property. In the hours following, 1News captured a photo of a window shattered at a property in Favona.

In an updated statement on Saturday, police said the Favona incident had occurred on Ashmore Place. An earlier statement had suggested the reported incident had happened on Hall Avenue.

The third firearms incident was reported on Woodward Ave in Māngere Bridge just before 8pm. One person was arrested and is likely to face firearms charges

A neighbour told 1News there were armed police standing outside their house after they heard what they thought were fireworks.

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Earlier on in the day, police received reports of a person discharging a firearm from a vehicle near Bairds Rd, Ōtara, around 2.11pm.

Police said they are not aware of any injuries and are making enquiries.