Vasectomies becoming more popular among younger men, doctor says

Source: 1News

A 32-year-old Kiwi who got a vasectomy highlights the growing trend of younger men deciding to get the procedure done early in their lives.


Thomas Le Bas had a vasectomy last year. "I had this period of self discovery figuring out, well actually, I can do what I want I can make my own decisions and have that kind of freedom of choice and not feel guilty," he said.

The Montreal-based Kiwi added it's important for men to be having the discussion around getting a vasectomy.

"It is a conversation I think more men should be having in terms of like what are the options on the table for them, talking about that sooner."

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Le Bas said he wouldn't rule out adoption but is content with not having children right now.

Dr Simon Snook, who started a specialist vasectomy clinic, said he even sees men in their late teens and early twenties who have made the decision to get the snip.

"What I've seen over the last is a growing number of men who either don't have children at any age or indeed younger men," Snook said.

"They're sort of making a strong positive decision about their life choices at a young age."

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Snook also said he sees groups of men getting vasectomies together as a way of making the experience more fun.

"They sort of cheerlead each other, sometimes they hire a minibus and all come together and draw straws for who goes first, it can be quite fun."