Fair Go: Farmer told not to wear $318 boots in sheep yard after they fall apart

Source: Fair Go

A sheep farmer from Tairawhiti is calling out Blundstone over boots he claims aren’t up for the job.

Brett Loffler says he bought a pair for around $300 from a farming retail shop in Gisborne. He was a big fan of the steel toe caps and the side zip for easy access. But he wasn’t impressed by the soles which he says deteriorated in less than a year after wearing them while out working with his sheep.

Brett tried to follow up by visiting the store and calling Blundstone Head Office in Auckland. He says all he remembers is that someone told him it was best to change into gumboots for any work in the sheep paddocks.

Brett wasn’t impressed arguing that it would be “a real chore getting in and out when you’re drenching and dipping”, he says it would make him feel “like a yo-yo”.

He wanted to know if his boots are a one-off problem or if this type of boot isn’t suitable for farming work, and if the latter is true, why this isn’t clear on the company website or at the point of sale. He left his number but his calls weren’t returned. After making no progress, he turned to Fair Go.

Watch the full story in the video above to find out what happened next.

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