Good Sorts: Meet the man collecting batteries for a cause

Source: 1News

North of New Plymouth, a sign by the side of the road asks for old car and truck batteries. "Thank you," it adds.

That sign belongs to Ian Jury, and just down the drive from it is a paddock full of many, many dead batteries.

Jury collects them, sells them, and gives the cash to the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust.

He's been doing it for years and one crewman from the trust estimated Ian had given them $24,000 over that time.

"I never expected to get to that figure," Jury said.

As well as the ones that are dropped off by his sign, he also picks them up.

One builder gives Jury his old batteries in exchange for cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli, or eggs.

As for what he gets out of it. "Just a lot of fun helping people," Jury said.