Kiwi singer taking inspiration from her Ukrainian heritage

Jacob Johnson
Source: 1News

Twenty-eight-year-old Veronika Bell, better known as VÏKÆ, burst onto the New Zealand music scene in 2019.

"My name is Veronika, but it has a 'k' because it's the Ukrainian spelling", the alt-pop artist says.

"One of my friends started calling me V-K and it kind of stuck."

Since then her music's had almost half a million streams and she's recently dropped her latest single, Love Games.

Her family moved to New Zealand when she was two and she says her Ukrainian heritage is an inspiration for some of her music.

"I wrote a song called Rust, which was based on my family's decision to leave Ukraine and come to New Zealand", she said.

"That song came out the night that Kyiv got bombed."

She still has family on the ground in Ukraine.

"I don't think anything can really prepare you for a call with your godfather on your birthday and the only thing that I could really focus on was hearing bombs and artillery fire in the background," she said.

"On June 5 there is a march for solidarity for the war in Ukraine at 12pm in Aotea Square.

"I will be singing so if you are free on that day, if you're able to come, please come and support us."

Love Games is the first track on her upcoming mixtape, due to be released in August.