Expert weighs in on NASA's 'alien doorway' pic

Source: 1News

The internet's gone into a frenzy after a doorway shaped hole was spotted on Mars last week.

The picture was taken by NASA's Curiosity rover.

It has alien enthusiasts on Reddit and Twitter claiming it's the entrance to an alien temple.

Planetary scientist Dr Bruce Brett beamed in to Breakfast from California on Thursday morning to clear the mystery up.

"We are not looking at an alien doorway sorry, we are looking at a piece of rock that fell out essentially," he told host Jenny-May Clarkson

"It’s billions of years old sediment from sand dunes that fracture over time, images near there show similar fractures which are also vertical due to the way the sediment is laid down and folded."

He went on to add the actual dimension of the “alien doorway” is very small so if there are aliens, they are “very small ones”.

"Are you 100% sure?" Clarkson asked, to which Brett joked, as his dog barked in the background, “yes even my dog is 100% sure”.

Curiosity Rover’s search for more evidence of past life on Mars continues.