Kiwi man heads to war-torn Kyiv to help save pets

Source: Seven Sharp

As we watch what's happening in Ukraine from the other side of the world many are asking how they can help.

But one Kiwi isn't just asking... he's taking action and has made the trip over to help animals caught up in the chaos.

Volunteers have stayed in Ukraine saving animals that have been left behind and reuniting those forced apart.

Kiwi man Tim Groenendaal said the images he saw from the Ukraine compelled him to get in contact with major charities in the war-torn nation to understand what they needed.

"One of them asked me if I wanted to [come to the Ukraine and] help and here I am."

He's been working with local shelters to coordinate support and supplies.

He said the animal shelters were thrilled to have people come from overseas to support.

"They're overwhelmed and rapt... the more support that Ukrainian people can get from around the world is really important."

People can donate to the cause or send photos of their pets to their social media channels as a means of support.