Ukrainian flags being installed in Southland by 'backyard Banksy'

Source: 1News

Those who travel around Otago and Southland may have noticed some interesting artwork that has appeared around the region recently.

A Ukrainian flag made out of corrugated iron installed by a backyard Banksy in Southland.

Ukrainian flags made out of corrugated iron are the work of a backyard Banksy, who wishes to remain anonymous, and let his art installations speak volumes.

"This is a way of expressing my horror and empathy [to the situation in Ukraine amid Russia's military invasion]," the man told Seven Sharp.

"More than just wringing your hands and saying 'isn't that awful'."

He says the flags have been "pretty well-received".

"I get a lot of honks, which I presume are in support...sometimes I'm a little discreet about the location and I wait for the cover of darkness."

The man is lucky enough to have a day job that takes him all over the region, allowing him to put up flags near Mataura, Balclutha, and Taieri Mouth.

He said he wants to remain anonymous in order for the focus to remain on the message. He also has no plans of stopping any time soon.

"I've got no shortage of raw materials and as long as they don't run out of paint I think this may go on for a while."