Shop owner ram-raided twice says damage worse than theft

Source: 1News

Two people have been arrested following a ram-raid at the Takanini Bottle-O in Auckland overnight.

By Tessa Parker

Police said the "ram-raid style burglary" happened on Walters Rd shortly after 2am.

They say the offenders fled the scene in a different vehicle to the one used in the ram-raid.

The vehicle was found shortly after by police at a Clendon Park property.

Police say three males were then located nearby, two of which were taken into custody as they had existing warrants to arrest.

Owner of the Bottle-O Maranjot Sikh says this is the second ram raid on his store in six weeks.

"I'm afraid to leave the store and go home now, I just feel like something is going to go wrong."

Sikh says insurers see retailers as too risky now, and he has to front most of the cost with an $10,000 excess.

"The couple of bottles they take costs nothing, it's the damage they do.

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"The kids will just sit and home and wait to do it again, because they're minors, the justice system is to blame."

The Vodafone store one shop over was also hit in the same attack.

Round the corner in the complex, the Spark store had a wooden entrance. It was waiting for repairs from its most recent ram-raid on Sunday.

Then, further down from Spark, 2Degrees was about to get their glass door repaired.

That particular 2Degrees store had suffered three ram-raids since February 22, most recently on May 3.

No charges have been laid yet as the police investigation continues.