Woman doesn't have taste, smell 2 years after getting Covid

Source: 1News

A Hawke's Bay woman says she has lost the ability to taste and smell since catching Covid-19 in the UK in February 2020.

Charlie Webby, who has Long Covid, told Breakfast at the time, she wasn't particularly unwell with the virus but woke up one day and couldn't taste or smell anything.

Webby says it was a "whirlwind of eating and drinking anything I could get my hands on to see if I could taste anything, and of course, I couldn't."

She counted it in days at first, "it kept going, days into weeks until I was measuring it in months and now I've just crossed my two year mark, it feels never ending and it may be never ending, but fingers crossed," she says.

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Initially, Webby says, "I couldn't tell the difference between sugar and salt, I could eat a handful of chilli flakes and not feel anything, I ate mustard power, I licked soap, I did some bizarre stuff."

She says after about three months she could distinguish sweet from salty, "but no flavour at all and that's remained, so I can't taste anything and my smell, every now and again I can smell something, so once every week maybe I don't know, one smell will get through."

Smells come and go, Webby says."At one point I could smell cut grass but then that fades away again, and at one point I could smell one brand of coconut milk and that lasted for a few weeks."

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She says there's nothing exciting about eating these days, but in the past few months she's come to accept it.

If Long Covid patients lose their smell and taste for more than two years, it's unlikely it'll come back, Webby added.

"I'm more OK with that than what I used to be because obviously for the first year every week I was hoping it would come back."

"There's this whole element of my life that's been taken away which I try not to dwell on too much especially since we're now at the two-year mark and it's not looking all that great," Webby told Breakfast.

She says she misses foods like chocolate, and told presenter Matty McLean to "have that cup of tea for me."