Burnt-out nurse with Long Covid considering working at cafe

Source: 1News

One nurse that had been in the profession for 17 years is considering a job at a cafe instead as she battles both burnout and Long Covid.

Nurses say they're having to work harder and longer than ever before with concerns that fatigue could lead to deadly mistakes.

Behind her mask, Tracey Morgan said pressure was mounting like never before on her profession.

"We're no longer stretched, we’re no longer burnt out, we're bled out because we’ve got nothing else we can do."

Morgan said fatigue and burnout in the profession had never been worse. The nurse said she had already drafted a resignation letter but couldn't bear to send it.

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"It’d be so easy to push send and at the end of the day you have to ask yourself: 'Why haven’t you?' It’s because of the love of nursing."

The nurse is also battling Long Covid as the virus has ripped through her clinic.

She said exhausted practitioners could lead to grave mistakes.

"If I continue like this, I’m going to drive myself into a grave. It’s only a matter of time before the nurses are that exhausted, that we’re going to have a death… if we don’t get it addressed."

Meanwhile, a mother of a man rushed to hospital has told 1News that short-staffing at a hospital had led to complications when an intravenous line was left in for too long.

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"Because they’ve got one nurse to five patients, they weren’t able to get to him in time to continue changing out his bags."

She is critical of the whole system and doesn't want to blame any individual nurses.

"I just hope that the Government takes notice of this and does something about improving staffing numbers in hospitals… because I don’t want anyone else to go through what we’re going through."