Mass of debris strewn across Parliament grounds after protest

Source: 1News

A big clean up will be on the cards after the anti-mandate protest outside Parliament came to an end on Wednesday night.

On Thursday morning 1News filmed the scene left after the chaos of the day before.

Debris including tents left by protesters who'd set up camp at the site, protest signs and road cones were strewn across part of Parliament's grounds.

The protest turned violent after police upped their presence early on Wednesday morning in an effort to gain back ground during the occupation which was into its fourth week.

Debris strewn across Parliament's grounds on Thursday, March 3 after the end of the protest.

Tensions grew between protesters and police during the day before full scale violence from some protesters broke out in the afternoon.

Projectiles were thrown at police and fires were lit and burned, before police managed to clear protesters from the site.

Seven police officers were injured and 87 protesters arrested.

On Thursday morning Police Commissioner Andrew Coster said he won't tolerate protesters entering the cleared area in the foreseeable future.