Political analysts weigh in on National's jump in momentum

Source: 1News

It’s a decent start and now Christopher Luxon needs to build on National's slight jump in momentum. That's the view of political analysts following the first political poll of the year.

Playtime is over for our politicians — the first 1News Kantar Public Poll of the year has shown Labour is still comfortably out in front.

But National is picking up momentum and has climbed out of the dreaded 20s.

“I think for National, they would take some heart in this poll because clearly the door is open to Christopher Luxon and National and so now it's up to them to consolidate that, really consolidate, crystallise what they would do differently to this Government,” political commentator, Josie Pagani, said.

Another political commentator, Ben Thomas, said it’s “a welcome but not stellar bounce for National".

“The kind of bounce that you'd probably expect of any new leader and probably fitting given Christopher Luxon didn't get a lot of time in the spotlight before the summer holidays.

In Christchurch on Friday, some were pleased to see National get a bump.

“I think people are looking for potentially brighter times, a few changes,” said one local.

But in 1News’ poll of 1000 Kiwis, nearly 50 per cent said they expect economic conditions to deteriorate in the next 12 months.

And some think this will be worrying Labour.

“We've also sat through the highest rise in inequality in my working life, bigger than anything the Lange/Douglas Government oversaw, so that's a problem for them and I think that's coming home to roost as well,” Pagani told 1News.

Thomas said “in a way it's good news for National that economic confidence seems to be getting a bit lower”.