No foul play in death of Irishman used in pension attempt

Source: 1News

Irish police have ruled out foul play after a dead man was taken to a post office in Ireland by two men trying to claim his pension.

An Irish police car

A postmortem has revealed 66-year-old Peadar Doyle had died not long before the alarm was raised at the shop in the town of Carlow, last week, according to The Guardian.

Two men had reportedly attempted to collect Doyle’s pension, but were told by staff that the pensioner had to receive it in person.

It’s reported the two men returned not long after, trying to “prop up a man wearing a woolly jumper over his face and a hat on his head”, and his feet were dragging along the ground.

A concerned shop worker then asked the men if the man was unwell. The two men left, without getting any money, and left the dead man behind.

Irish police are now examining CCTV footage to establish Doyle’s condition before he arrived at the post office.

It’s also being reported by The Irish Times that his death may have occurred in the shop, which would mean no criminal charges would arise, as no offence had been committed.

Police are attempting to work out if his body was mistreated or mishandled in a criminal manner, and if there were attempts to fraudulently collect his pension.