Photos of damaged houses in Tonga show force of tsunami waves

Source: 1News

New photos of damage to houses in Tonga's capital Nukuʻalofa show the force behind the tsunami waves from Saturday's large eruption of Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha'apai.

A window in one Nuka'alofa house forced out of its frame by the tsunami.

The photos from Broadcomfm on Facebook show the window of one house has been forced out of its frame.

Its white front fence lies in tatters behind safety mesh.

Next door, a large part of a house has been flattened, its roof touching the ground of the debris-tossed lawn.

Other photos show walls toppled and what appears to be a market littered with debris, mud and volcanic ash.

Authorities have confirmed three people were killed in Saturday's events — two Tongans and a British national.

British woman Angela Glover was swept away by the tsunami after she and her husband, James, went to rescue their dogs.

Although power has been restored in Tonga, it will take at least four weeks for the Kingdom's only submarine cable to be repaired.

People have finally been able to get through to relatives in Tonga by phone after Digicel set up an interim system on Tongatapu. The connection is "limited and patchy", however.

Relief supplies are being distributed across the Kingdom as volcanic ash has contaminated water supplies.