Canine parvovirus cases on the rise in Christchurch

Source: 1News

The SPCA is reminding Kiwis of the importance of getting their young pets vaccinated amid a rise in canine parvovirus cases in Christchurch.

The contagious illness, which can live in environments for up to two years, has already killed a number of pets in the Garden City.

The vaccine costs $40 to administer, and most puppies get vaccinated against parvovirus at six weeks old.

“Parvo literally kills - most puppies don't survive it. It's really tragic, and it hits them really quick; it can take out a whole litter. It's devastating,” SPCA inspectorate team leader Sam Cairns said.

Dogs should have a booster at least every three years to spare them from the symptoms.

“Maybe a little lethargic, off their food, generally poorly and then you'll start diarrhoea and vomiting and that’s when things are getting really serious,” Cairns said.

The SPCA is warning Kiwis not to take their puppies out for a walk until they’re fully vaccinated.

“Perhaps the community don't know about it. They don't know they need to get their puppies vaccinated and because of that, we're seeing puppies die,” Cairns added.