Auckland hairdressers excited as they prepare to reopen

Source: 1News

Whether you're getting rid of the grey or snipping it off for a fresh new do, Aucklanders will be able to make their way back into hair salons on Thursday.

While it comes as a welcome relief for groomers and customers alike, there's concerns around salons snapping back into action after nearly 100 days away.

Desperate times called for desperate measures for some during the lockdown, with Kiwis taking to the box dye and kitchen scissors, or embracing their roots.

"I think it's really exciting," celebrity stylist Tāne Tomoana told Seven Sharp. "We're all raring to get back into it."

He said while Kiwis are looking forward to getting their lockdown locks tamed, "some people are a bit apprehensive".

"I think just keeping aware of everybody around you and just looking after each other," he said.

Tomoana said the past 14 weeks has been "really hard" for the industry, "we are definitely people, people - it's why we do what we do".

"We love interaction, we love catching up with all our clients, so it's been tough. It's been tough on all of our mental health, I think... as well as the business side of things."

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He's expecting "a few fix-ups, a lot of regrowth [and] a lot of roots to be tinted" when hairdressers reopen their doors come Thursday.

"It can be really hard, especially when you're so used to getting your hair done regularly and it's one of those things that really uplifts your spirit; it makes us all feel good, we look great, we feel good."

Tomoana said he has also been sent photos of some at-home haircuts - with mixed results.

"Some people are actually quite good at it but yes, I have been told and sent photos of some disasters but all, I'm sure, rectifiable."

People looking to get a haircut must be fully vaccinated and sign in with their tracer app.

Tomoana called on Kiwis to, "be patient - we've got 14 weeks of clients to catch up on and we want to see you all, we want to get back to you all as soon as possible".

"Come a little bit presentable but we'll do the rest for you."