Wastewater results in Stratford test positive for Covid-19

Source: 1News

Wastewater results in Taranaki town of Stratford have again tested positive for Covid-19.

Wastewater testing.

The positive samples were taken over last weekend, on November 6 and November 7, but samples from Monday did not detect viral fragments.

Taranaki DHB officer Dr Jonathan Jarman says the results are very concerning because it means there has likely been an infected person in the area since the start of November.

“The only way of really having confidence is to carry on testing the wastewater and testing people to ensure we don’t have widespread transmission in our region.”.

Health officials are warning those in attendance of the Garden Festival may receive a notification from the Covid-19 Tracer App to get tested.

“We know several visitors have recently been in the region for the Taranaki Garden Festival, and other events. Expect a push notification if you used the Covid-19 Tracer App at a recent event over the last 10 days and please get tested,” Jarman said.

On Friday, health authorities said a wastewater sample taken in the town on November 1 was also positive for Covid-19.