Richlister refuses to give up on America's Cup being in NZ, doubles offer

Abby Wilson
Source: 1News

The man who wants to make sure the America's Cup is defended on home waters hasn't given up, in fact he's doubled his offer to $40 million and is adamant a Kiwi defence is viable.

But with Team New Zealand refusing to discuss things with Mark Dunphy, there are some questions about why he’s fighting so hard to give away his money.

“Because we’re right that it should stay here and because the money is here, the money has always been here,” maintained the Kiwi Home Defence backer.

Dunphy confirmed to 1News the $20 million he initially offered will be all from the Dunphy family, with a further $20 million underwritten by them too.

“Ultimately it might all come from me and my family,” said the businessman.

“Imagine how amazing it’s going to be when we come out of the pandemic, and everyone in New Zealand and everyone from around the rest of the world can participate properly in the Cup. I think that’s well worth putting time, effort and money into.”

Dunphy and Team NZ chief executive Grant Dalton’s war of words has played out in the media with there seemingly no love lost between the duo.

The Greymouth Petroleum chief executive believes his offer makes a home defence viable, something Team New Zealand strongly refute, they maintain there would be a $50 million shortfall for the event’s running.

Team NZ celebrate their win in the America's Cup.

“I think we need Team NZ to come clean on a few things,” Dunphy added.  

While Dunphy applauds Dalton’s achievements with Team New Zealand he doesn’t believe that translates into the “America’s Cup being Grant Dalton’s Cup”.

He’s vowing to keep fighting to keep a Kiwi Home Defence alive.