Final shot at hosting America’s Cup in Auckland appears over

Source: 1News

The final shot at hosting the America’s Cup in Auckland appears to be finished after Team NZ says they won't deal with the leader of a bid to host the event in Tāmaki Makaurau.

Team NZ celebrate their win in the America's Cup.

Team NZ put out a release on Wednesday afternoon, saying they have decided to cease all correspondence and dealings with Mark Dunphy, who was leading a group of prospective backers for an Auckland-based event.

In the past week there had been accusations from Team NZ that Dunphy had been in touch with the New York Yacht Club and other opposition backers.

Dunphy maintained they’d never sought funding from any opposition syndicates.

Team NZ chief executive Grant Dalton says he has evidence that shows a representative of Dunphy’s emailed the NYYC in August asking for assistance in a legal matter surrounding the next America’s Cup.

Dalton calling the move underhanded and deceitful and has ended further dealings.