Police still trying to find Covid-positive Auckland woman

Source: 1News

Police are still trying to find a Māngere woman who tested positive for Covid-19, about 24 hours after the issue first came to light. 

"The woman remains outstanding and we are continuing to make inquiries to locate her," a police spokeswoman said. 

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said on Wednesday Auckland's public health unit had not been able to get into contact with the woman, so had asked for a Section 70 notice so police could help it locate her. 

This was so the woman could be taken to quarantine and a case interview commenced. 

Bloomfield said the woman had not been given an exemption to isolate at home. 

When asked, he said he did not have information on whether or not the woman is known to police or if she had a criminal record. 

"It was very much a last minute update before we came down here," he explained. 

However, the NZ Herald reports the woman is in her 40s and is well known to police.

It also says she has gang connections and has been the subject of multiple public appeals this year to locate her due to alleged criminal offending.