Meet the clever canine that could save your life

Source: Seven Sharp

Levi is three years old, weighs over 40kg, is hyperactive, and could save your life.

The German Shepherd dog, from Dunedin, is being trained to detect bowel cancer in humans.

And the clever canine has just passed his first trial.

Cancers release unique odors, and Levi has learned how to pick up the scent. In a recent trial, he was able to detect bowel cancer with 98 per cent accuracy.

New Zealand has one of the world's highest rates of bowel cancer, which is what prompted Pauline Blomfield to establish K9 Medical Detection, a charitable trust.

Levi is one of several dogs based at Invermay, near Mosgiel, including the cocker spaniel, Ace, who is being trained to detect ovarian cancer.

Watch the Seven Sharp report above to learn about the clever canines.