Police receive over 10,000 reports of lockdown gatherings

Source: 1News

Thousands of Kiwis appear to be getting lockdown fatigue, according to statistics released by police on Sunday.

Kiwis have been keeping a watchful eye on their neighbour's activity during lockdown.

As of 5pm on Saturday September 4, police had received over 10,120  online breach notifications about a gathering since Alert Level 4 began on August 17.

There is no information on how many of those notifications were definite lockdown breaches. It comes as 20 new Covid-19 cases were recorded today.

Police have issued 3,379 infringements nationwide, primarily for people failing to remain at home other than for essential personal movement.

As of 3.30pm Saturday, a total of 18,493 vehicles have been stopped at Auckland's northern and southern borders since August 31.

Of these, 675 were turned away for non-essential travel, making up around four per cent of all drivers.

The Southbound checkpoint at State Highway 1/Mercer off-ramp continues to be the checkpoint with the most vehicles turned around.

So far, 242 vehicles have been turned away at that checkpoint.