Wiggles record message for Melbourne Down syndrome Covid patient

Source: 1News

The Wiggles answered a plea from a Melbourne intensive care nurse to help a patient living with Down syndrome who is also battling Covid-19.

Sarah Kelly, 22, was admitted to Royal Melbourne Hospital last month, but refused to use oxygen tubes which would help her breathe.

So, nurse Steven Moylan decided to try track down the Wiggles to see if they could help. 

"She had it on her iPad, she just wouldn't look away from The Wiggles and I thought to myself 'what if I could get The Wiggles to wear the nasal prongs? Would she copy them and do what they do?'" he told 9News.

The group was more than happy to help, and thanks to them and the doctors and nurses at the hospital, including Mr Moylan, she is nearly ready to be released.