Dunedin students already flouting lockdown rules

Source: 1News

Students in Dunedin were some of the first to break lockdown rules in the early hours of this morning, as many gathered in large groups at parties.

Police were called to a "large party" on Castle St, Dunedin, on Tuesday night after the nationwide lockdown was announced.

Just 20 minutes after Tuesday's Alert Level 4 lockdown announcement, large queues of students formed outside liquor stores.

Lines of customers were seen spilling out onto the footpath outside the Liquorland on Leith Street, one of the most popular alcohol stores for students.

Police were seen patrolling populated student flat areas, and had to step in to shut down one party that was still going past midnight, breaking lockdown rules.

Acting Sergeant Steve Griffiths from Dunedin police says they were called to a large party on Castle Street, a well-known area to police.

“Quite a number of people have been having a party even though they're aware of the Covid lockdown and they just didn’t want to leave.

"So, we've just spoken to them trying to educate them in regards to the Covid lockdown and explain to them that they just can't meet together like this” he said.

The property on Castle Street was the only one police had to take action to shut down. They said most party goers were compliant when asked to leave.

“Unfortunately, people sort of think it's the end of the world for down here at the moment. It's only three days, so surely we can get together after the three days and reminisce.

“We want to keep [the Delta] variant away from Dunedin and the only way we can do it is stick to the actual Covid rules,” Griffiths said.

The University and the Student’s Association have been approached for comment.