Husband of photographer injured in wedding chopper crash comforted her as she waited for help

Source: 1News

The husband of the photographer injured in Saturday's Canterbury wedding helicopter crash talked to her on the phone at the crash site while rescuers rushed in to help.

Police were called to the Terrace Downs High Country Resort in Windwhistle, Selwyn District at around 3.05pm after reports of the helicopter crash.

The pilot, photographer, and bride and groom were all injured, three seriously while the fourth suffered moderate injuries. All four are in Christchurch Hospital.

Rachel Jordan was the photographer on board, her husband Eric spoke to 1 NEWS with their son Evan outside the hospital today.

Eric talked about the harrowing moment he learned Rachel had been in an accident. He says a videographer at the scene called him before giving the phone to his wife.

"Gosh she was really scared at the time, I had a few minutes to speak with her, she was afraid about her injuries," he said.

"She has pretty severe damage to her arms, legs and her feet."

He says the pair are "soulmates" and it was really tough to hear her in distress.

Eric says he is keeping in contact with the mother of the bride, who was also injured in the crash.

"We've got a bond and connection we're all kind of sharing in and we're all trying to keep each other as positive and hopeful as we can."

Rachel's friend, Emma MacDonald created a Givealittle page , saying funds will be spent on household expenses, rehabilitation and medical costs while she recovers.

"Miraculously all on board the helicopter have survived the crash & for that we are all very thankful," MacDonald says on the page.

"Rach is a wonderful wife & mother as well as an incredibly talented photographer. Rach has significant injuries & there is going to be a long recovery period.

"Rachel has spinal fractures and has had surgery. She also has 5 fractured ribs, lung laceration, fractured sternum, fractured arm in a few places, fractured feet.

"Rach has been able to move her legs but is having trouble with her feet and cannot move them but that could change as swelling around her spinal cord goes down. She can however feel people touching her feet which is good," the page reads.