Canterbury golfing siblings on path to become New Zealand's next great sporting family

Source: 1News

Up-and-coming golfing stars Kazuma and Momoka Kobori are seeking to become New Zealand's next famous family sporting duo.

The North Cantabrians are taking the country's golfing scene by storm, and are determined to make it to the top.

The siblings train six hours a day, six days a week, backing each other the entire time.

Momoka made headlines earlier this year when she won a mixed field New Zealand PGA event, defeating the likes of New Zealand men's number one Ryan Fox.

But when the two Koboris face off, it is younger brother Kazuma who has the advantage.

"I've beat her five times," Kazuma laughed.

"She's beat me twice so I'm winning in that regard and I hope to keep it that way."

Incredibly, their coaching has largely been self-directed, their passion for the sport driving them on each and every day.

"It's the only thing we talk about," Momoka said.

"When we're at the dinner table we always talk about golf."

The tight-knit family moved to New Zealand from Japan 15 years ago, and it was then that the duo picked up clubs and never looked back.

"New Zealand's one of the best places to take up golf, especially for the juniors, and I think we're very lucky to be here," Momoka said.

The elder Kobori turned pro earlier this year and, unsurprisingly, Kazuma hopes to follow suit before heading overseas.

That is dependent on the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but considering many of their successes came during Covid, the golfing world is poised for what the pair might achieve.