Website crashes as desperate home buyers try to book appointments to view latest KiwiBuild project

Source: 1News

The political failings of KiwiBuild aren't deterring desperate home buyers.

So many people tried to just book an appointment for Auckland’s latest KiwiBuild project today that the website crashed.

At 9am today, Ockham Residential opened up applications on a first come, first served basis for 76 KiwiBuild one- or two-bedroom apartments at its Manaaki development in Onehunga.

However, most of those attempting to book appointments missed out as demand saw the site crash for 15 minutes after bookings began.

Once it stabilised, all the appointments were gone in minutes.

“I didn’t' expect it to be as high as it was in all honesty. I knew these were going to be popular, but not to that extent,” Ockham’s Joss Lewis says.

Another 11 three-bedroom KiwiBuild apartments are available in this development — over 1800 people have entered that ballot in just the past few days.

The KiwiBuild properties go for about $150,000 less than those on the open market, meaning a one-bedroom open market apartment will set you back around $600,000.

Kiwibank estimates New Zealand is 80,000 houses short of what's needed across the country.

The Government will tomorrow announce a long-awaited policy aimed at taking some heat out of the market.