About 150 anti-lockdown protestors, some bearing Trump flags, gather at Parliament

About 150 protestors have descended onto Parliament this afternoon, calling for an end to Covid-19 lockdowns in New Zealand. 

Members of the group held Donald Trump flags, anti-CCP trade agreement banners and also held signs that were against face masks. 

One of the protest organisers, Billy Te Kahika, addressed the crowd, accusing the Government of tyrannical behaviour. 

In response to the protest, Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said he respected people's right to protest, but added there had been "deliberate misinformation" spread and there were no plans to lock the country down unless there was a "very good health reason to do so, and at the moment there isn't". 

The crowd booed when Te Kahika mentioned Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. 

He told 1 NEWS yesterday the protest would be conducted "in peace, logic and calmness", but he also promised to send a "clear message" to the Government. 

He said they were also protesting the Covid-19 vaccine in New Zealand. 

Te Kahika said yesterday there was no comparison to today's protest with the people who took part in the Capitol Hill riot.

"We certainly condemn any type of violence to push any message," Te Kahika said. "Rest assured our conduct is done with a strong spirit of peace."

There is currently no community transmission in the country. As of yesterday, there were 62 active cases of Covid-19. New Zealand came out of a Level 4 lockdown at the end of April , it was then at Level 3 for just over two weeks. Auckland went back into Level 3 in August for two and a half weeks.