Three new cases of Covid-19 recorded in NZ today, all at the border

Source: 1News

Three new cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in New Zealand today, none of them in the community, the Ministry of Health has confirmed.

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Of the more than 22,000 Covid-19 tests that have been conducted since a woman who lives, works and studies in central Auckland, (known as Case D) was confirmed as having the virus on Thursday, only one person has tested positive.

That person is Case E, who lives at the same Auckland apartment as Case D and is regarded as a close contact.

Residents at the accommodation facility that the New Zealand Defence Force is using in Auckland where a Defence Force worker (Case A) has been staying have all had a second Covid-19 test, and those have all come back negative.

The investigation into how Case D was exposed to Case A is ongoing.

Of the cases at the border, one person arrived from the United Kingdom via Dubai on November 14.

The two others arrived from Dubai on November 14.

There are now 64 active cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand with the country having had 1,652 cases in total.

Yesterday, NZ laboratories processed 8,392 Covid-19 tests, bringing the total number of tests to 1,199,426.