Meet the Matakana brewers turning old bread into liquid gold

Source: 1News

Something interesting is brewing in the northern reaches of Auckland.

At Matakana's Sawmill Brewery there's an aroma of malty goodness and toast?

"Bread is made from the same ingredients that make beer," Mike Sutherland explained of his brewery’s bread beer.

Bread beer has been made in Europe for centuries but is a novelty here in New Zealand.

The beer is backed by Citizen Collective, a group of brewers, bakers and innovators who want to reduce waste from what they say is a broken food system.

"Bread has a display date and it must be sold by that date and we're collecting bread that's just about to meet that display date," Donald Shepherd of Citizen Collective told Seven Sharp.

"So we essentially rescue the bread from supermarkets."

Each slice of rescued bread provides enough starch for one glass of craft beer.

But that's not even the end of the salvaged bread's life story.

"There was a whole lot of spent grain at the end of that brewing process, a rich resource that could be used in a better way,” Shepherd says.

It's made into flour and handed over to a baker to make sourdough.

Check out the process that goes into making a delicious batch of bread beer in the video above.