Stress, fatigue and cynicism increasing amid second round of restrictions - psychiatrist

Source: 1News

New Zealand's second round of lockdown measures has seen a rise in stress, fatigue and increased levels of cynicism, Otago University psychiatrist Chris Dale says.

"Kiwis are generally very good at doing something they can agree to, if they can see good reason," Dr Dale told TVNZ1's Q+A. 

"However, this time round people are more cynical and more fatigued and (have a) higher level of stress."

Dr Dale also worried of a delayed reaction to the stress Covid-19 had caused.

He said if three quarters of people practiced the social distancing measures "you can take that as a win".

Dr M Dentith, a conspiracy theory expert from Waikato University, said some people who were not wanting to go through lockdown again was leading towards more resistance to restriction measures. 

"That's putting aside the conspiracy theorists who say the lockdown is manufactured by Government for some malign purpose."

The Ministry of Health reported that since last week's community-based outbreak announcement, 388,000 people had signed up for the Covid-19 tracing app.