'That's not very flattering' - Hilary Barry tests Covid-19 face mask made from bra

Source: 1News

With your standard face masks flying off the shelves and crafty sewers hard at work to whip up reusable options for those within their communities, Seven Sharp decided to test out some less-conventional face coverings anyone can craft at home.

Reporter Mary-Jane Aggett dove into her socks and undies draw to fashion some masks from socks, men's briefs and even a bra cup.

However, Seven Sharp host Hilary Barry had one key tip for the bra mask - make sure you have a cup size which is a similar size to your face.

Unluckily for her, Barry said the mask she tried on was from someone "not particularly well endowed".

"Oh look what it did to my ears, that's not very flattering," she laughed.

Missing out on the fun, co-host Jeremy Wells too wanted to try the mask, but was told by Barry "no you can't, that's not appropriate".

Check out the video above for tips on how to create your own mask from home.