Jami-Lee Ross announces own political party for 2020 election

Source: 1News

Former National MP Jami-Lee Ross is starting his own political party ahead of this year's election.

Mr Ross announced Advance NZ in a Facebook post last night, saying it'll focus on the freedom and sovereignty of New Zealanders and creating a new economic plan to get Kiwis through a post Covid-19 world.

“Many New Zealanders are dissatisfied with the offering of current political parties in New Zealand,” Mr Ross wrote.

“Our politics has become a division between the two party blocs sitting at opposite ends of the table, never working together. There are no calm, common sense voices, existing in the middle-ground, advocating ideas and policies for everyday New Zealanders.

“Politics doesn't need to be about partisanship and parties constantly attacking each other. We can come up with political solutions and achievements that deliver real long term wins for Kiwis.

“Advance NZ wants to see a democratic country that has brave voices in the middle that speak truth to power. People that stand up for freedom, sovereignty and independence.”

In 2018, Mr Ross resigned from National after a dispute with Simon Bridges over alleged donation fraud. He is currently facing charges before the Serious Fraud Office.