Auckland beachgoers caught on video, scolded for disobeying coronavirus lockdown

Source: 1News

The Breakfast team have whipped out their "growly voices" to Kiwis who were recorded spending time at an Auckland beach despite the nationwide lockdown.

TVNZ1's Breakfast showed footage of dozens of Kiwis cooling off on a stunning day at Herne Bay, which was filmed yesterday despite New Zealanders being told to stay at home unless travelling for essential purposes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Short walks within the neighbourhood for exercise are also allowed, but officials have said swimming is off limits. 

Presenter Hadyn Jones reminded viewers even if it was a hot day, the beach is not essential.

"I know it was a beautiful day yesterday but [this lockdown] is not a chance to go to the beach, it's not a chance to go for a swim, it's not a chance to go surfing."

Elsewhere in the country, people in Dunedin were pulled up by police for surfing despite Kiwis being urged to avoid such acitivities while the lockdown is in place.

The measures are in place in order to ensure that contact between people is minimised. However, that would be compromised should anyone need assistance.

Fellow presenter Anna Burns-Francis kept things simple with her scolding.

"The whole point is you're meant to stay at home. You're not meant to go out to the beach just because it's a nice day," she said.

"There's all sorts of other things that you touch - if there's a kid who kicks a ball and gets into your personal space or you're all touching hand rails as you head down to the beach."

Jones followed up with a question to those disobeying the rules.

"Do you want to be in lockdown for another two months or do you just want the four weeks?"

Jenny May-Clarkson wrapped things up by reminding Kiwis it's not "cool" to be a rebel at the moment.