Eight suspected cases of coronavirus under investigation in Samoa

Source: 1News

Eight people are being investigated for coronavirus in Samoa.

Samoa's Ministry of Health made the announcement today, saying labratory tests are being done to confirm or rule out seasonal flu or Covid-19.

"These cases have a history of travel to or contact with a relative who had travelled to Australia, Fiji, New Zealand or Spain and then had flu-like symptoms upon return to Samoa. All cases are now in isolation and being monitored closely by the Ministry of Health," the statement said. 

"This means that the patients are being cared for separately from other patients to ensure that there is no transmission of Covid-19 if it is eventually confirmed.

"These patients were brought to care through the work of both public and private medical providers working to prevent Samoa from having an outbreak."

Samples have been sent to a laboratory in New Zealand for COVID-19 testing, results are still pending but will be announced upon completion. 

Samoa's Ministry of Health is presently contact tracing the patients to determine if people who came into contact with them need isolating.