Coronavirus: What you should prepare in case you need to self-isolate

Source: 1News

If you come into close contact with someone who has Covid-19, come down with the virus, or have just returned from overseas, you will have to self-isolate for 14 days.

The Government recently asked New Zealanders to prepare for this situation.

But how do you prepare for staying at home for a two-week period? 

Kiwis have been told not to bulk buy, and some won’t be able to afford to buy two weeks’ worth of supplies at once, but gradually adding extra items to your grocery list can build up your stock.

According to New Zealand Civil Defence, during a pandemic or a prolonged emergency you will need a two-week stock of food and water.

Here is a list of food items that can easily be stored for two weeks:

Ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits, and vegetables.
Canned juice, milk, and soup.
High-energy foods such as peanut butter, jam, salt-free crackers and energy bars.
Trail mix (pre-packaged or homemade).
Comfort foods such as hard sweets, sweetened cereals, snack bars, and biscuits.
Instant coffee, tea bags.
Compressed food bars. They store well, are lightweight, taste good, and are nutritious.
Dried foods. They can be nutritious and satisfying, but may contain a lot of salt, which promotes thirst. If salt is a problem, used dried fruit, like raisins.
Freeze-dried foods. They are tasty and lightweight.
Whole-grain cereals (oatmeal, whole-wheat, multi-grain).
Instant meals. Cups of noodles or cups of soup are a good addition.
Snack-sized canned goods, which generally have pull-top lids or twist-open keys.
Pre-packaged beverages. Those in foil packets and foil-lined boxes are sealed and will keep for a long time if the seal is not broken.

Other items that you may need to consider depending on your personal circumstances are:

Medications – you should check with your chemist about storage requirements for any medications your taking. Pain relievers and contact lenses and solutions are other medical supplies you may need.
Items for young children, including nappies, bottles, dummies, powdered milk and formula.
Detergent, feminine supplies, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, comb and brush, lip balm, sunscreen, heavy-duty plastic garbage bags and ties, medium-sized plastic bucket with tight lid, disinfectant, household chlorine bleach.
Sanitation and hygiene items: toilet paper, towelettes, soap, hand sanitiser liquid.
First aid kit for common injuries.

Look after your mental health as well

Two weeks of staying home can seem like a long time for people and looking after your mental health is also important.

Civil Defence suggests making sure you also think about ways you can entertain yourself with books and other forms of entertainment and ways to occupy your children.

You can find more information on preparing for self-quarantine here from Civil Defence here.

If you are returning to New Zealand from overseas or don’t have a stock at home and have suddenly been required to self-quarantine you can order any item you need online. Family or friends can also drop supplies at your door.