Countdown offers jobs to hospitality industry workers, as coronavirus sees supply chain demand spike

Source: 1News

Countdown says it's in need of urgent staff as supply chain demands increase over the coronavirus pandemic.

The supermarket chain also needs more workers in its retail stores and has reached out to hospitality industry workers who've had their jobs impacted and need work.

Hospitality NZ has posted about the available jobs on its website.

"In consideration of the incoming reductions in available hours and jobs in the hospitality industry due to the impacts of Covid-19, there is notable concern for the thousands of Kiwis currently reliant on our hospitality businesses.

The 17-year-old appeared in court today, accused of the manslaughter of Goran Milosavljevic.

"In the current climate of the Covid-19 impact Countdown New Zealand have experienced a significantly increased need to employ new talent across both retail store operations and within their supply chains.

"They have reached out to Hospitality NZ to be a potential source of additional work and hours for hospitality staff who may experience struggles in the coming months as our businesses are impacted."

It comes as Finance Minister Grant Robertson is set to announce a massive financial package to help New Zealand weather the economic impacts brought about by the pandemic.

* Finance Minister Grant Robertson’s multi-billion dollar relief package for businesses hit by the Coronavirus Pandemic will be covered live by Jack Tame on TVNZ1 and from 2-3pm on Tuesday.