New Zealand Post changing parcel delivery procedure to limit physical contact

Source: 1News

New Zealand Post staff will now deliver parcels to recipients from a longer distance to aid efforts to limit the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, and the recipient will not be required to provide a signature.

New Zealand Post (file picture).

In a statement today, NZ Post said while the risk of transmitting the disease through the company's current delivery process is low, limiting close physical contact is "the right thing to do".

"NZ Post plays a special role in New Zealand, providing an essential service and maintaining connections within our communities during this time of uncertainty," CEO David Walsh said.

"The changes to delivery will help maintain our excellent service performance which is important given more people might choose to get essential items delivered to their homes in the coming weeks."

NZ Post courier, including CourierPost, Pace and Rural Delivery, will now knock on the door as usual, but then step back as far as possible and wait for the occupant to come to the door.

They will then ask for the recipient's name, record that name, and leave the parcel - a signature will not be given by the recipient.

If no one is home for a signature-required delivery, the parcel will not be left there, as usual, and a Card to Collect will be left instead.

For non-signature deliveries, the same procedure will take place, with the NZ Post staff member stepping right back, but if no one is home the parcel will be left in a safe place at the address.

If no safe place is available, a Card to Collect will be left instead.