Gangs disrupted and kidnapped woman rescued in Eagle helicopter's first fortnight in Christchurch

Source: 1News

During its first two weeks of operation, the Eagle helicopter helped police rescue a kidnapped woman and disrupted multiple gang activities in Christchurch, police say.

"I believe without Eagle above us, many of the jobs would not have been concluded this quickly and we would not have been able to bring these offenders to justice," Superintendent John Price said in a statement today.

Nine people have been arrested and charged in the last two weeks, with firearms, drugs and ammunition also seized.

The Eagle was used to support multiple search warrants on gang addresses, as well as following two dangerous drivers heading south of Waikuku.

In one case, a woman was allegedly being threatened in a suspected kidnapping and assault.

Mr Price says the Eagle provided "valuable information" before more police officers headed in on the ground.

A 24-year-old with 30 prior charges was one of the people arrested in that incident, Mr Price says.

"Eagle has ensured the safety of our police staff and enabled them to be more effective and efficient but above all remain safe without the requirement to use other tactical options," he says.

"I cannot stress enough how good it is to see these gang members dealt with safely and swiftly."

While it's frequently used in Auckland, the Eagle helicopter is in Christchurch temporarily on a trial basis.

The trial ends next Friday, police say.