Badly-injured kangaroo spotted in charred remains of NSW forest dies

Source: 1News

A NZ animal evacuation team has been involved in a heart-breaking situation with a badly-injured kangaroo that spotted in the charred remains of a forest near a New South Wales home.

Charity group Animal Evac New Zealand said they were called to the scene after the homeowner failed to receive help from other animal groups.

In a video, a woman can be heard asking, "You alright, mate?" The kangaroo shakes his head, to which the woman responds, "No, me either."

A team, including a local veterinarian licensed to use a dart gun, was dispatched to help assess the injured marsupial. 

The kangaroo was found to have burns to his hind feet, and "very minor burns to one of his front feet," a vet with Animal Evac New Zealand said. He also had a thin frame and tail.

The vet recommended that the kangaroo be euthanised.

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