Crowd turns out in show of solidarity during climate emergency protestor's 100th day outside Parliament

Source: 1News

A group a protestors calling for a climate emergency joined activist Ollie Langridge to mark his 100th day on Parliament's lawn. 

"I'm a regular guy, I'm just a dad that is concerned for the future of his kids - it's as simple as that," he told 1 NEWS in June. 

Mr Langridge told Stuff in May he would "leave this lawn when the Government declare a Climate Change emergency and I will be here every day, all day until they do". 

Today, Mr Langridge said the "plan now is to amplify this" and instead of being on Parliament's lawn every day he would turn up "in numbers every single Friday". 

He said it was instead of "going 'that's it, we're going to walk off the lawn, we've failed' - we haven't at all". 

"We've succeeded massively."

Climate Change Minister James Shaw told the crowd Mr Langridge's protest "was one of the things that has got climate change into the public consciousness". 

When asked if a climate emergency would ever be declared by Government, Mr Shaw said, "the important thing for me is that we take action". 

"A few weeks ago we declared the cross-Government action plan on climate change and I would say you've got to have some substance behind the declaration of a climate emergency."