MMA world floored by UFC fighter’s flying knee, fastest knockout in history

Source: 1News

Graphic warning: The video contains content that some may find distressing. 

MMA fighter Jorge Masvidal stunned fans, fighters and commentators alike at UFC 239 yesterday as his flying knee to Ben Askren's head sent shockwaves around the world.

Masvidal looked calm heading into the fight, resting up against the octagon's fence inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas before the action began.

But as soon as it started, he launched; running straight at Askren without a worry.

Askren responded by ducking and looking to wrap him up, but it proved to be a costly move as he put his head in the perfect position for a flying knee kick which landed, knocking out the former Olympic wrestler instantly.

Masvidal ensured the fight was finished with a multiple punches to the head before the ref pulled him off, recording a knockout win in just five seconds - the fastest in UFC history.

It left the world stunned.

One fan taken back by the action was Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams, who tweeted the eye emoji multiple times along with "5 sec".

Unfortunately for Adams though, some of his 211,000 followers thought it was directed at more NBA roster moves after his former all star teammate Paul George was traded over the weekend.

Adams realised the situation a few hours later and followed up his initial tweet with a laughing emoji.

In a more serious matter, some fans questioned whether Masvidal needed to punch Askren in the head after he landed the knockout blow but the American welterweight said it's his job.

"They were super necessary," he said.

"The referee hadn't pulled me off - my job is to hit somebody until the referee pulls me off so to those people I would say, maybe don't watch MMA and go back to watching soccer."

Masvidal did admit there was a personal aspect to the fight.

"There's not too many people that I've disliked and he's one of them," he said.

"He talked about my manhood, he talked about my culture, my ethnicity."

Masvidal was awarded a performance of the night for the fight, earning a $50,000 bonus for his efforts.