Community action sees more than 200 predator traps laid in Auckland bush in bid to protect native birds

Source: 1News

A group of neighbours in Auckland are on a mission to protect birdlife.

The community of Greenhithe, on the North Shore, have come together to try and stop pests killing birds and ensure the native bush is safeguarded for the future.

Passionate resident Amanda Mitchell, who's Greenhithe Community Trust's chairwoman, says the charge started after spotting a rat in her backyard and then realising the birds had gone quiet.

She started investigating ways to minimise the problem, and shortly after a community action group was formed.

With the help of some funding to purchase traps, neighbours got together and started practising how to set them, in a bid to try and rid their backyards of pests.

Local resident Cath Carran decided to get involved in the community push for a bit of fun and to try and safeguard her own place.

"For me it was to keep the beautiful native birds that we have here," she said.

And she hopes her efforts will help contribute to the 2050 Predator Free initiative.

"Perhaps working altogether, we can make this lovely little area of Greenhithe predator free."

The group has been meeting regularly in a bid to encourage each other.

More than two hundred traps have been laid out across 140 hectares of mature forest.

Ms Mitchell says community action is what’s key to protecting our environment and encourages others to do their bit in their neck of the woods.

"Notice their might be a problem, care about it and then get amongst it."

By Emily Heyward