Man fined for freedom camping after sleeping in truck after night drinking says penalty is 'bureaucracy gone mad'

Source: 1News

An Arrowtown man who was given a $200 freedom camping fine after deciding to sleep in his truck rather than drive home drunk says it's "bureaucracy gone mad".

Glen Wallace was out drinking with friends in Queenstown on March 21 when he made the decision to sleep in his vehicle rather than pay around $80 for a cab home.

"I had a few fizzy bubblies with friends and lost everyone when I finished up at 4am so decided to sleep in the back of the truck," Mr Wallace told Seven Sharp.

"I had a little blankie in the back, but still woke up with a screaming headache."

His headache got worse when he found a $200 freedom camping ticket on his car windscreen.

As a rate payer Mr Wallace didn't think much of it, the Arrowtown resident thought he would be able to dispute the fine as he wasn't a freedom camper.

However, he was told by the Queenstown Lakes District Council that he would have to pay the fine whether he is a rate payer or not.

"It's not so much about the money, more the principle, it's bureaucracy gone mad," Mr Wallace said.

He says there are signs everywhere warning people to pull over and rest if tired so the messages are confusing.