Simon Bridges calls for tougher cyber security laws in wake of Christchurch terror attacks

Source: 1News

Simon Bridges has called for greater cyber security in the wake of Christchurch terror attacks.

The National Party leader is calling on the Government to target hate crime on the internet.

Yesterday Mr Bridges called for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into our security and intelligence agencies.

Today Mr Bridges told TVNZ1's Breakfast New Zealand is moving into a phase where the hard questions need to be asked.

"That's why in the last day I’ve called for a Royal Commission, that’s reserved for really important things and what’s more important than this and New Zealand's safety.”

He says John Key's Government pulled back on cyber security.

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In September 2014 John Key decided not to go through with Project Sparegun, legislation proposed by intelligence agencies to target hate crime. Mr Bridges believes this legislation needs to be revisited.

"At the time there was controversy swelling around fears of mass surveillance. I think they were wrong I don’t think that’s what is was," he says.

"It’s smart algorithms on the internet traffic into New Zealand that allow you to lawfully target, whether it’s white supremacists or whatever those extremists are. I think we were overly cautious, I think we need to revisit that."

He says making these decisions aren’t easy because it is people's privacy versus security.

"If we don’t [look into it] I don’t think we’ll be able to say hand on heart we did everything we could to prevent this sort of attack again."