Tomorrow's Schools proposal gets thumbs down at David Seymour's public meeting, with claims its akin to communism

Katie Bradford
Source: 1News

About 400 people attended a fiery public meeting about the biggest overhaul of our education system in 30 years.

ACT leader David Seymour, a vocal critic of the proposed reforms, organised the meeting at Parnell’s Holy Trinity Cathedral.

A taskforce is proposing a major shakeup to replace the Tomorrow’s Schools system. Changes include getting rid of boards of trustees and replacing them with regional hubs around the country that would be in charge of school governance.

Members of that taskforce, Bali Haque and Cathy Wylie, defended the changes. saying the system is inequitable and change must happen to fix the problems plaguing our education system.

Former Cabinet minister Richard Prebble received the largest applause as he slammed the proposals, calling Education Minister an ideologist and urging opponents of the plans to vote the Government out.

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Some members of the audience said the changes were akin to communism. The crowd booed and cheered at times.

Principals spoken to by 1NEWS say the broad-based approach will take too much power away from schools and local communities and do nothing to stop the problems with inequality.