'Not going to help the world one bit' Judith Collins says as MPs voice opinions about school students' climate change protest

Source: 1News

Judith Collins says the planned climate change protest by school students is "not going to help the world one bit", while Nikki Kaye has called it a "political stunt".

But other MPs do support the students' planned actions, 1 NEWS found out today.

Students of all ages around the country are planning to leave school on March 15 to urge politicians to take urgent action over climate change. 

Last night, Green Party co-leader James Shaw voiced support for Kiwi students, saying "they have every right to fight for their future".

However, other MPs were not as favourable:

Winston Peters: "We pay a lot of money for people to get educated - attending school is compulsory in this country."

Simon Bridges: "A couple of chants as they march along and maybe McDonald's afterwards, I don't know if they'd learn a lot from it."

Judith Collins: "Their little protest is not going to help the world one bit."

Nikki Kaye: "It does feel like a little bit of a political stunt to be doing this in school time."

Todd Muller: "This starts to look like a little bit of a prank if it's during school hours."

Nick Smith: "It’s very encouraging young people are taking a strong interest in the issue of climate change… I’m just not sure taking a day off school is the best way to express that."

Other MPs supported the move:

Jacinda Ardern: "What I'd like to think is that in New Zealand there's less cause for protest, we're certainly trying to do our bit."

Marama Davidson: "They are making a call asking politicians to be accountable for actions for climate change."

Damien O'Connor: "These kids are smart we are dealing with their future, I think it's pretty organised - I have no problem with it." 

Kelvin Davis: "If that's what the students want to do then that's their prerogative."

Scott Simpson: "The younger generation are very keen on matters relating to climate, I guess they’ll come to a view themselves. I’m reasonably relaxed how they do that."

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