Survey suggests 60 per cent of Kiwis would support legalising cannabis in referendum

Source: 1News

A newly revealed survey funded by a New Zealand-based medical cannabis compay has found that 60 per cent of Kiwis would vote in support of legalising the plant for personal use if asked in a referendum. 

Kiwis will vote in a binding referendum  on whether to allow personal use of the drug in the 2020 election.

The poll of 995 people was commissioned by Helius Therapeutics and conducted by independent survey company Horizon Research. 

It found that "on first glance", 60 per cent would vote in support, 24 per cent would vote against and 16 per cent did not have an opinion on the matter. 

Of those who were surveyed, Green Party supporters were more likely to be in favour of legalisation with 84 per cent likely to vote yes and 14 per cent voting no, followed by Labour voters with 63 per cent in support and 17 per cent against, and NZ First with 56 per cent in support and 26 per cent against. 

National Party voters were more likely to vote against, with 48 per cent not in support of legalisation and 33 per cent for. 

The Government confirmed last month that there will be a binding referendum on legalising cannabis at the 2020 general election.

National Party leader Simon Bridges said while he did not have an issue with the cannabis referendum being binding, it will be a major distraction for voters.

Horizon Research conducted its survey via online panels, mobile, telephone and mail of 995 adults representing the 18+ population at the 2013 census, between October 10 and 26, 2018. The maximum margin of error is +/- 3.1 per cent.